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This studio is a musical community with a common goal: the global growth of the young students into confident, capable people who learn to play the guitar remarkably well and have a lifelong love of music.


“Oh, it’s not just music lessons!”
— Mrs. M, parent of student

"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished." — Dr. Suzuki


Parents are the "at-home" teacher basing practice with their young guitarist on the template of the studio lesson with the teacher.
This is a journey shared with their child and they will experience both the exhilaration and (sometimes) frustration of mastering the guitar.
As Dr. Suzuki said, "Process, not product!" And along the way the children learn to play remarkably well.



Please navigate to other pages on our website to learn more about us. The services we provide are Suzuki Guitar Lessons, Children Guitar Lessons, Classical Guitar Lessons, Teaching Confidence, Teaching Self-Respect, Preparing Performers for Recitals and more. We are conveniently located in the Sono District of Norwalk.