The Method


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The Three Pillars and Beyond


About the Method


Mother Tongue Learning
This is the concept which inspired Dr. Suzuki to apply the model of learning a native language to talent education. Students as young as 3 years old listen to music in a nurturing environment before picking up an instrument, then learn to play at their own pace.

The Suzuki Triangle: Student-Teacher-Parent
In a Suzuki studio the parent and teacher have responsibility while the child has only needs. All are equally important!

The Law of Ability
As parents know and as Dr. Suzuki believed, our children have innate talent. We as adults have the ability and duty to tap into that well of natural capability.

Beyond the Pillars
Decades of teaching have shown me the Three Pillars are a great starting point. In keeping with Dr. Suzuki's philosophy I blend his way of teaching with the insights, repertoire and pedagogy from the great musicians I've been fortunate enough to study under.

Having established good practice habits and technical skills students have a foundation for whatever music intrigues them. The guitar is an instrument boundlessly fascinating in its diversity, so I design an individual program of study reflecting each student's interests while guiding them as they grow musically.


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